Glittery ponies!
I will do glitter requests if you want a specific pony, just ask ^.^ I will privately reply to non-anonymous requests but I don't reply to anon ones because they have to be posted and I don't want to clutter up the blog with the replies (I will still make any anon requested glitters though, you just won't know when xD)

Most of the images used are from the official MLP art, C Hasbro, or I take them from screencaps of the show and clean them up a bit, apart from:
Roseluck vector : kooner0.deviantart
Nightmare Moon Vector : 90Sigma.deviantart

brotally asked: Hi. Do you do OC ponies?

Hey, I will do OC’s but I have decided that I would rather not post them here, I would be happy however to send them privately and then the requester can post them wherever they like.